Thursday, December 17, 2009


Jayden goes to pre-school at the Legacy center, which is also our swimming pool. He will ask me a lot to take him swimming after school, but I can always come up with some excuse why I can't. Well, today I couldn't think of I said why don't you call and ask Daddy to take you, because Daddy loves swimming. So Jayden calls Matt and asked him if he could take him swimming and Matt said YES. I was thinking awesome I'm off the hook for this time. Matt told me to get Jayden ready while he got ready, so I did. Then Matt came in and said get Kaysen's on too......WHAT?!?! he is taking both of them? No way!! On no no, this was not Matt's plan. Him and Jayden then teamed up and somehow convinced me to go with them. But, I do have to admit that we had a blast....
Jayden has become quite the swimmer and is so brave. He goes down the slide head first, and he goes down the big tunnel slide (Which is PITCH black),and he loves it....I know because he made me take him down it. He is so much fun and just laughs the whole time we are there.
Kaysen was a little bit scared at first. Then he realized that we weren't going to let him go and he was fine. We would hold him out in front of us and say, "Kick Kick," and he would start kicking his legs saying, "Kick kick kick kick kick." SOOOO CUTE!

Well the sad part is that I let my camera at home, so sorry no pictures!

Well in other news.....
Jayden now has TWO girlfriends at school. Ally and Kia. They are both really cute and he always has to sit in the middle of them. They draw eachother pictures and hold hands. He talks about them all the time. When I'm getting him ready for school he says we have to hurry so I can get my seat by Ally and Kia. So, we hurry! Then when he is ready he says, how handsome do I look? and he will strick a pose....he puts one hand on his hip and the other on the wall and pokes his hip out...and I say VERY handsome!! Then it is off to school, and he gets very excited. Ahh man I love this little guy.

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