Thursday, December 17, 2009


Jayden goes to pre-school at the Legacy center, which is also our swimming pool. He will ask me a lot to take him swimming after school, but I can always come up with some excuse why I can't. Well, today I couldn't think of I said why don't you call and ask Daddy to take you, because Daddy loves swimming. So Jayden calls Matt and asked him if he could take him swimming and Matt said YES. I was thinking awesome I'm off the hook for this time. Matt told me to get Jayden ready while he got ready, so I did. Then Matt came in and said get Kaysen's on too......WHAT?!?! he is taking both of them? No way!! On no no, this was not Matt's plan. Him and Jayden then teamed up and somehow convinced me to go with them. But, I do have to admit that we had a blast....
Jayden has become quite the swimmer and is so brave. He goes down the slide head first, and he goes down the big tunnel slide (Which is PITCH black),and he loves it....I know because he made me take him down it. He is so much fun and just laughs the whole time we are there.
Kaysen was a little bit scared at first. Then he realized that we weren't going to let him go and he was fine. We would hold him out in front of us and say, "Kick Kick," and he would start kicking his legs saying, "Kick kick kick kick kick." SOOOO CUTE!

Well the sad part is that I let my camera at home, so sorry no pictures!

Well in other news.....
Jayden now has TWO girlfriends at school. Ally and Kia. They are both really cute and he always has to sit in the middle of them. They draw eachother pictures and hold hands. He talks about them all the time. When I'm getting him ready for school he says we have to hurry so I can get my seat by Ally and Kia. So, we hurry! Then when he is ready he says, how handsome do I look? and he will strick a pose....he puts one hand on his hip and the other on the wall and pokes his hip out...and I say VERY handsome!! Then it is off to school, and he gets very excited. Ahh man I love this little guy.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Kaysen is one

I love this little guy so much. He is always so happy and his smile and personality brighten up my day. He hardly ever cries and he is just such a good baby. He is best buddies with Jayden, it is so cute. He follows Jayden all over the house and wants to do everything that Jayden is doing. Jayden is such a good big brother. He always helps Kaysen out when he needs it, and he never ever tries to hurt his little brother. I love these two so much, and I really don't know what I would do with out them. I'm so lucky to have these two in my life, and get to be with them everyday. The past year has just flown by, and it makes me so sad when I realize that my kids are growing up and there is nothing I can do to stop it. I want them to stay little forever, but since that is never going to happen I want to remember now. I want to remember all the cute, funny, sweet little things that they do now.

At one Kaysen is........

Walking all over the place
Blowing Kisses
Going up and down the stairs
Playing peek-a-boo
Blowing on things (He blows on leaves on the ground so they will move, blows on his food)
Feeding himself
Brushes his teeth and spits in the sink (so cute)
Thinks it's funny to spit (That would have nothing to do with his big brother)
Says; Dadda, Momma, Jayda (Jayden), Hot (and looks at the stove), No, Hi, Truck, Babba (Bottle)...........That's all I can think of right now. He does a lot more and says more but it's late and I'm tired so I will post more later.

This is Kaysen and some new toys at his Birthday Lunch at Olive Garden This is Jayden at Kaysen's Birthday lunch opening his new toy for him. (Such a sweetie)
Kaysen driving his new bus that my mom got him. He thinks
it is fun to drive it standing up.
Kaysen getting on his new 4-wheeler before it is even out of the box.
Once again Jayden trying to get it out for him.
AND OF COURSE THE CAKE!!! Oh yes he did!
This picture doesn't do it justice. He had it ALL OVER. It was
in his ears, in his name it and it was there.
But, it was well worth it of course. Look at this cute picture, and
besides my mom cleaned up the mess, so it was all fun for me. Thanks Mom.
P.S. Good Picture Kim....Thanks! It's cute, I love it.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fun Times at Grandmas House...

Jayden loves going to my moms house. She has a ball pit that is clear full of balls, she has a play room that he destroys EVERY time we go there (mostly throwing the balls from the ball pit everywhere), he can get away with ANYTHING when he goes there, but most importantly she has the WII. Jayden is getting so good at it. It's to the point that nobody wants to play him anymore because he is probably going to beat them...
but I gave in and played! This is him laughing when he
struck me out for the 800th time in a row!
What can I say he was pitching it 94 miles per hour.
This is him pouting when I FINALLY struck him out!
Kaysen with his sucker helping my mom load the dishwasher!
He loved that sucker, and I of course loved cleaning him up after,
but he looked so cute eating it that it was worth the mess.
Kaysen is quite the climber. I find him in our play room
ON the train table all the time, but this time he thought that the
drawer at my moms house looked like a good place to play. He sat in
that drawer playing with the lids for awhile. Kids are entertained by
the weirdest things sometimes.
I love my kids so much, and I love all of the funny, cute,
crazy, weird things that they do that keep me entertained all the
time. I don't know what I would do without them. I'm so lucky to have
two healthy kids that mind me so well. I have the best husband in the world too. He is always there for us and helps me out so much.
He loves the boys with all of his heart, and is such a cute daddy.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween 2009

MY FIRST POST...Ahh scary!

We had a lot of fun this year for halloween. We got the boys in their costumes early and went and took pictures of them. My little brother took their pictures and he did such a good job! I always love the pictures that he takes. After that we went to my dads house to trick-or-treat him, and in his candy bowl there just happened to be a playstation game right in the middle of all the candy. Jayden was Captain Jack Sparrow for halloween and the playstation game was pirates of the carribean...I thought that was a cute idea. My dad is amazing. Then we went to Matt's parents neighborhood trick-or-treating with Jayden's cousins. It was so cute they just ran from house to house...well not Kaysen he slept the WHOLE time!

This is Jayden's look of..."Can we be done yet?"
Kaysen was reading the treasure map.
Kaysen did not like wearing his costume,
but he did pretty good for the pictures.
This is Jayden's very serious pirate face. He had
so much fun dressing up, and I had so much fun watching him
be his idea of "Captain Jack Sparrow."My amazing little brother took their pictures, and he put
these pirate ships in the background! Tricky Tricky!