Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fun Times at Grandmas House...

Jayden loves going to my moms house. She has a ball pit that is clear full of balls, she has a play room that he destroys EVERY time we go there (mostly throwing the balls from the ball pit everywhere), he can get away with ANYTHING when he goes there, but most importantly she has the WII. Jayden is getting so good at it. It's to the point that nobody wants to play him anymore because he is probably going to beat them...
but I gave in and played! This is him laughing when he
struck me out for the 800th time in a row!
What can I say he was pitching it 94 miles per hour.
This is him pouting when I FINALLY struck him out!
Kaysen with his sucker helping my mom load the dishwasher!
He loved that sucker, and I of course loved cleaning him up after,
but he looked so cute eating it that it was worth the mess.
Kaysen is quite the climber. I find him in our play room
ON the train table all the time, but this time he thought that the
drawer at my moms house looked like a good place to play. He sat in
that drawer playing with the lids for awhile. Kids are entertained by
the weirdest things sometimes.
I love my kids so much, and I love all of the funny, cute,
crazy, weird things that they do that keep me entertained all the
time. I don't know what I would do without them. I'm so lucky to have
two healthy kids that mind me so well. I have the best husband in the world too. He is always there for us and helps me out so much.
He loves the boys with all of his heart, and is such a cute daddy.

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  1. I still can't believe you have two kids! They are so gorgeous and I'm sure you're an amazing mom! :) I'm a total blog stalker.